Of course, there is the fundamental question of whether or not your new space must have custom cabinetry to serve your needs and aesthetic.  Cost is certainly a consideration in making this decision, but other things come into play as well. Sometimes to make the statement that truly invites your inner creative goddess into the kitchen, you need to invest in something only a custom build can offer you.  

Our custom cabinetry will give your kitchen a whole new personality!

This may be because your kitchen is small or shaped in a way that cannot be easily re-configured.  And, you may be drawn to something unique or specifically pleasing to you. Several things come to mind:

  • The love of the shiny finish – whether that is an acrylic or even a metallic surface, sometimes to capture a specific look, you just must find custom work.
  • The yearning to incorporate a beloved piece of furniture into the space, and thus the need to work around its specific details – whether by matching or contrasting the style.
  • The need to contain large or unusually shaped kitchen appliances, pots, pans, trays or other beloved cooking paraphernalia – building your cabinets around the things you love to use is not an outlandish desire!

Each of these scenarios would likely scream custom cabinetry and become the driving force in how your building budget is allocated throughout the room.

Another issue is what you do in the kitchen besides cook! For many of us, the kitchen has become not only the heart of the home but command-central, the place where homework is completed, bills are paid, holiday cookies are created in ginormous quantities or where family projects are undertaken.  

Such uses may lead you to acknowledge that the island needs to double in size and that every outlet also needs a USB port. It may inform your decisions about task lighting over ceiling lights and dimming switches over Edison bulbs so that all the many kinds of work your kitchen must accommodate can easily be accomplished.

The lay-out of your cabinetry is crucial to defining the work-spaces in a way that supports good flow, exceptional lighting, ease of accessibility and the flexibility that comes with recognizing our families change and our needs will too.  What is essential now may be superfluous later, so building the core of the home to honor everyone whose activities depend upon it being functional is crucial.

Durability is another important consideration – whether that is the ease with which fingerprints can be wiped away or shelving in the cabinets can be re-configured to meet your changing needs or the weight-capacity of your slide-out shelving.  If you’re hard on your kitchen because many youthful hands are reaching into its spaces every day, then durability means something different than if you’re two adults who handle each pot or pan with loving care as it is placed in its perfect position on the pot-holder that hangs above the well-oiled carving board. Every household has its unique needs. Honoring them in your design will save on disappointment and buyer’s regret later, when the project is finished and in use.

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