With the beginning and ending of every year, people actively seek big changes. The home is a popular one. Renovating a room can make it feel like an entirely new space, without the headache and price tag of purchasing a new home.

Get ahead of 2020 with an upgrade to your special place.

Matte Finishes

Whether you want to make a big statement or keep it subtle by only incorporating to a few small accent pieces, matte finishes style up any room. Not only does it help hide stains and spots, but put a modern, clean spin on a kitchen. Radiantly simple has increased in popularity with people often choosing to say more with less.

Shapes & Patterns

Specifically to tile, using shapes and patterns creates the personality your bathroom was lacking. A bold pattern can add excitement to the bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash, but we always suggest starting small. Sometimes it’s hard to know how much you love (or hate) something until it’s staring back at you.

Black & White

A classic interior design (fashion, in general) staple, black and white is and will always be. If you’re hesitant to follow trends of the moment, this one will endure the power of time.


Technology has created its own industry within home renovations and remodeling. A very popular trend in 2019 and only bound to increase in 2020, smart appliances can truly facilitate the day-to-day. Though, it’s important to consider budget due to the price tag that they come with. But they are gradually becoming less niche and more assessable to homeowners.