One amazing thing about the holidays, especially Christmas, is that we remember the details of our decorations, even from childhood, year after year. Most of us recall some special ornament that has had a place of honor in our family home over the years – the candlesticks that always go up on the mantle, the centerpiece that always adorns the table or maybe the angel that consistently sits atop the tree!

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It doesn’t matter if our decorations are home-made or store-bought, it is the sentiment they carry for us that makes them special. Building your own collection of holiday ornaments is an essential joy of celebrating the holidays. Whether your style goes more toward the rustic, home-made look of a cabin Christmas or the polished and sparkly glamor of New Year’s eve, you can add to it every year and grow it into a collection of memories all your own! Families especially enjoy building those memories with ornaments special to the arrival of each child or other hallmarks of the family’s growth and change.

Holiday decorations don’t need to be costly, although they certainly can be. Investing in things that last can make your holiday budget stretch not only over the season, but over the years. A quality artificial tree can save you time and money each year you use it, assuming you’re willing to forego the smell and feel of a live tree. There are plenty of ways to make your home smell of Christmas by using fresh branches as a centerpiece on your table or mantlepiece above your fireplace or simply lighting candles
that waft the aroma of fir or cedar, rich baking spices or freshly baked apples. A host of choices await your selection to personalize the look and feel of your home.

One key to keeping the holidays beautiful year to year is investing in the storage tools that allow you to put everything away safely at the end of the season. A wrath box will keep that lavish door decoration fresh and shapely for years to come. The cartons with individual compartments for your most fragile ornaments will keep them from tumbling together and loosing their sparkle, not to mention keeping them whole. Your most delicate treasures deserve to be put away with care so they can be unpacked with amazing joy and anticipation for many years to come.

Things to buy new every year – fresh goods that simply won’t keep after the holiday season has passed. These include fresh candles, live goods like fresh garland, pinecones and living holly or mistletoe – these things are best discarded when the season is done so you don’t discover they’ve molded or attracted rodents to your otherwise safe, holiday stash.

Enjoy your holidays in beauty and safety by investing in new, undamaged holiday lights and check the plugs of anything electric before you put it away so that in your haste next year, you don’t put your home or your family at risk for a completely preventable fire! The National Fire Protection Association reminds us that on average nearly 1 in 50 fires that begin with a Christmas tree result in death and holiday lighting accounts for nearly 45% of Christmas tree fires! Keep your candles clear of materials
that burn (like trees, branches, paper goods) and turn off your power sources whenever you’re not in the space where the Christmas tree is lit! Let’s keep the holidays safe and warm for years and years to