There is a lot of pleasure that can be derived from taking a drive to look at the colors of every season here in Minnesota. We get to enjoy four very different seasons and take in all that Mother Nature provides with each. Not to mention, sometimes we feel like we encounter every season in the span of a few short days!

Let’s talk about the colors of nature and easy ways to incorporate them into your home. Yellows, reds, browns, oranges, even blacks are not only great to see on drives along the North Shore in the fall, they’re lovely as accent colors in your space. Here are a few suggestions on how to utilize them:

Yellow is multi-talented, because it has so many variations. Bright yellow, mustard yellow, lemon yellow, even chartreuse can be used all year long. It instantly brightens a drab room. Blend your yellows with browns, blacks, whites, more neutral or foundation colors. Gold and brass are considered yellows as well, so use them as finishing touches or in your hardware selections.

The brown family is used very frequently in home color schemes, but is giving way to every shade of gray, as of late. It can be bold, but softer than black, and much warmer. Browns can be used in woodwork, wood finishes, furniture, or accessories and accents. Browns work well with most other colors, or even simply with other shades of brown. And, if you want some excellent contrast, pastels are an excellent complement, as are easy blue tones.

Don’t think only pumpkins when considering whether or not to use orange variations. Orange can be a real pick-me-up, and can simultaneously warm and brighten your living space. If you want “whimsical,” try lighter shades of orange in children’s areas. If you want “rich,” use darker orange tones in areas of the home that have social applications. Orange is very flexible!

Everyone loves red, right? Red steps up and takes hold of the area in which it’s used.
It will stake its claim and make a statement. It can be used as a dominant color, but can also be used sparingly to help a room pop. Match red with light colors or neutrals. Red and white is classic, but red and taupe or gray works well too. Don’t hold back; use red in any room in the home!

The always classic black and white will never go out of style. Accessorize with black. Accent with black. Offset black with lighting and artwork for a dramatic feel. An

important note about black is that it can hold many different undertones. Purple, blue, green, and brown are common undertones you’ll see in blacks. Consider that when adding black paint to your room!

Not a fan of the colors of fall? Consider green in any shade. Accessorizing with plants is an easy and inexpensive way to add life (literally and figuratively) to your room. Ever notice how much different a table looks with a vase of fresh flowers sitting atop of it? You can have that beautiful, inexpensive look all the time! Don’t underestimate the power of plants!

While we are talking about accessorizing, here are a few often forgotten tips to make sure the accessory you love in the catalog or the store shelf translate perfectly to your personal space:

  • ●  Hang pictures and artwork at the correct height. The midpoint of your piece should be 55-60 inches from the floor.
  • ●  Use odd numbers. A grouping of 3 or 5 candlesticks, vases, or anything else, will generally be more pleasing to the eye than pairs.
  • ●  Coordinate colors, but don’t be too “matchy.”
  • ●  Often, less really is more. Don’t overthink it. Too many items grouped together is

    busy and unappealing.

  • ●  Find one focal point – maybe it’s a beautiful piece of abstract artwork – and use

    less “busy” or ore neutral pieces around it.

  • ●  Have fun! Decorating your space shouldn’t feel daunting. If you like each piece in

    your room, you’ll like your room as a whole. You have to live in the space and see it each day!

    Our design team at Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC is second to none. We’ll guide you while working within your tastes, and as importantly, with your budget! Come and see us; we’re the highest quality in every area, but at the best prices in the market. See you soon!