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Is there ever a “right” time for anything in life should be the question, but I think any adult will confess that there is always a “convenient time” to do things, especially a remodel.

So many factors come into play for a kitchen remodel. The scope of the project is probably the most important. Are you replacing countertops or kitchen cabinetry as well? Would you like quartz or granite? Are you planning to redo the floors? Of course, the more you add, the more time and budget you have to allocate, the more planning that is required, the more bids you need to get, which means more meetings with kitchen product providers and contractors, etc. The list goes on and grows with every addition.

So a good question to ask yourself is, perhaps, how busy are you at the moment? And, what is coming up in the future? Doing a kitchen remodel is not ideal to do at the same time your planning, let’s say, a wedding.  Of course, working with professional and reliable providers will significantly reduce stress, but it will require a good portion of your time, though, and energy. This is especially significant to ensure the outcome of your kitchen matches exactly how you envisioned, checking the progress every step of the way. Some changes are easy to adjust during the installation. Other changes are impossible to do once it’s finished.

The magazine for Minneapolis / St. Paul published excellent advice on 12 tips to know before remodeling your home.

You can also contact a member of our team at 952-564-9118 for a free consultation and to learn more about our concierge services, which will significantly reduce your workload. Our company’s network of providers is able to offer a one-stop approach in order to complete every step of the project. This will ensure you don’t have to make tons of calls each day, and you will have one manager responsible for coordinating and overseeing every finish of your beautiful new kitchen.

The budget should be mentioned again, because, for most, this is the most stressful part. The saying you get what you pay for has never rung more true when remodeling your home; however, this doesn’t mean expensive guarantees quality. It’s important to get a few bids and be confident that the company you’re choosing is not only someone you feel confident with but is also charging fair market pricing in comparison to other providers.

Because remodeling or renovating your home is an investment, it’s important to look into the future for any unforeseen expenses or costs, and make sure it will not place a financial burden on your family. This is our biggest suggestion for the “right time,” which the right time is always when your financially comfortable to invest back into your home, which is one of the best investments you will make that will not depreciate with time, in fact, you might even recoup it when it comes time to sale.

Our friends at Home Advisor have great feedback on the costs for popular improvements in Minnepolis. 

The right time will be when external factors won’t interfere with your home remodeling project, and when you have enough time and savings to devote into its successful execution. We will say that no one has ever complained about living in their dream home too early, so it’s never the wrong time to start planning.


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When remodeling your kitchen cabinetry, there will be plenty of decisions for style and function that come up along the way. One of the most popular ones comes when reaching the corners.

If you’re working with a designer in Minneapolis, they should review the different types of bases and wall cabinetry to properly educate you on all your options.

MCC offers complimentary kitchen cabinetry consultations to make sure that you understand all aspects of your design. Contact us today at 952-564-9118. 

Let’s begin with the blind corner. This corner base cabinet is essentially designed with one door; however, this doesn’t mean that it loses function when it comes to storage. It is designed with one door and an adjacent base filler. It is most effective in tight corners, especially spaces that will not fit a Lazy Susan, which takes up more square footage.

The storage space is best for items that you don’t use often, otherwise, pull out trays are another great option to be more effective for daily use. The main con is that without pullout shelves, your arm will have to go up, and down, and zigzag to find what you’re looking for. In order to get any kind of usable space, the base needs to be at least 42″ wide, and you need to leave at least 45″ for installation. This is where filler comes in. Oh, and we must mention that if items fall off the tray, they can be almost impossible to reach or forgotten.

MCC Cabinetry, Luxury kitchen, countertops, appliances, minneapolis contractors choice,mcc

Next up is the Lazy Susan. In regards to getting the most use of your space and access to it, the Lazy Susan is beloved by homeowners. Just let those shelves spin and wait to seamlessly grab what you’re looking for. Their sizing comes in 33″ or 36,” and it is straightforward in its design and function. In a small kitchen, your designer should make sure all the appliances will still fit, as it will take up space on both sides.

When it comes to installation, it’s important to measure the dimensions of the place on the cabinet, where the round shaped board can be installed. There should be at least ½-inch space from each side of the cabinet surface so that the round board can rotate freely.

The con is that the Lazy Susan doesn’t reach all the corners, so if you’re after a design that reaches every angle of each wall, your best solution might be a mix of both. A modern twist on the Lazy Susan is actually using a blind base with Lazy Susan styled pullout shelves, which will result in the best of both worlds.

Bloomington kitchen cabinetry






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One of the best ways to refresh the look of your home and bring it back to life is with a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color will also make it a brand new space.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice loves doing online tutorials and providing advice for Twin Cities locals that love a DIY project; however, painting a room inside the house is one thing. When it comes to the exterior, this requires a lot more work and calculation, as well as experience to avoid accidents.

There a variety of reasons why you might decide it’s time to paint your home.

From obvious signs of chipped, cracked and peeling, to wanting a completely new look. Also, if you’re planning on selling or renting, this will welcome potential buyers and renters to a property that will feel brand new.

Deciding on a color requires some thought. Our partner Sherwin Williams offers a beautiful palette of colors in different shades. Typically, this isn’t the best time to “try something new,” as it will be costly if it’s not to your liking. We advise sticking with neutral tones, and you can schedule a consultation with one of our designers to find the perfect color that will compliment the architecture and style of your home.

Considering the interior of your home is important, as well. Is there a specific color scheme? Do you want to create contrast? As mentioned before, if it’s for renters or buyers, it’s more beneficial to play it safe. For homeowners doing it for themselves, choosing strong colors, such as burgundy, can give the house personality. Though since you will be living there, you have the freedom to follow your personal taste and do something bold.

Take a walk throughout your neighborhood for inspiration, or drive around to surrounding neighborhoods to get different ideas, as sometimes a suburb can have a lot of monotony within itself.

If you’re wondering how to approach picking a color for your interior, read some tips from our friends at Forbes.

Spring, summer and fall are the best times for exterior painting projects. We don’t advice hiring anyone doing the winter in Minneapolis, as it’s hard to keep a steady hand in freezing temperatures. Also, this might increase the price, depending on who you use.

As far as who you hire to do the job, make sure they do each of the following:

  • Your painter should prepare the surface by washing and scrubbing to remove dirt and loose paint that is cracked and peeling.
  • They should sand, patch, and fill any cracks.
  • They should repair or replace wood that has suffered water damaged or beginning to demonstrate signs of rot.
  • They should check the weather forecast and plan to paint in dry, mild weather conditions. With technology, weather should not come as a surprise, and this will ensure you maintain on schedule.
  • They should use a primer as the base coat for a smoother finish.

Do you have more questions? Speak with one of our home experts, or book one of our talented painters by calling +1 952-564-9118

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Minnesotans learn to be practical from a young age, especially due to the harsh weather.

High heels or fancy sports cars don’t farewell in 6-inch deep snow.

This doesn’t mean that it’s all about function. A local in Minneapolis will want a coat that’s warm, but it’s also important for it to be lightweight and a style that compliments various types of outfits. Your kitchen cabinetry is harder to change than a jacket, so it should be a style that you will enjoy today but tomorrow, too. This is probably not the time to “try something new.”

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice especially curated its catalog of cabinetry styles and vanities to be versatile and timeless.

Minneapolis kitchen cabinetry

While we hold originality and creativity as core values in all of our remodeling work, we also know the importance of experience. All of our styles are a modern take on the classics. We cater to each kitchen design to fit the storage and space needs of every client, whether it’s meant to be space for family or to entertain lavish parties.

After consulting with clients throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs in Bloomington, Wayzata, Edina, Burnsville, Lakeville, and more, our company realized that people care about style and look as much as function and use of space. They want their kitchens to fit their daily needs but also impress guests.

That’s why when cabinetry companies ask, what’s more, important to you: style or function? Don’t be scared to answer both. You deserve it.

Check out luxury details for your kitchen cabinets and island, here.

Minneapolis kitchen cabinetry

Don’t be shy to research different companies, consider various styles, and experiment with different layout ideas. A popular trend to spice up the design is to have the island be a different style or color than the rest of the kitchen. This can be for both the base and the countertop.

Kitchen cabinetry is an emotional and financial investment, so why get the most of out it?

Our experts will get to know you and your needs, and provide you with a plan that will fit budget, function, and style.

From our affordable semi-custom cabinetry styles to our luxurious completely custom designs, Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice has the perfect cabinetry match for you.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation at 952-564-9118

Having difficulty figuring out your budget, here are 10 steps to budgeting for your kitchen remodel.


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The White House issued a statement that Americans eligible to receive the “Economic Impact Payment” due to the Coronavirus pandemic as early as this past Saturday afternoon.

The first batch of recipients to receive the payment in the Twin Cities and across the United States were those enrolled in Direct Deposit.

President Donald Trump claimed that the mailed checks will start arriving as early as next week towards the end of April 2020, though payments can continue to roll out until mid-May.

The IRS website payment tracker went live today, which can be accessed here. However, many claim to get a “not available” notification upon entering the required information. This is assumed to change once the check is in the mail and can be tracked.

Aside from Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice showroom currently closed, we are offering initial virtual consultations for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our promotion on our semi-custom cabinetry is for the remainder of the month. If you’re considering cabinetry countertops or tile for flooring, we’re offering $500 credit towards Daltile.

Contact one of our kitchen remodeling experts at +1 952-564-9118 or email at
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No one wants to be quarantined inside, but it’s every person’s duty to to follow CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 in order to protect the most vulnerable. Staying at home is an act of love.

Instead of complaining about being “stuck inside,” consider being stuck inside a hospital as a result of the virus. If you’re home, it means you’re safe. Keeping this outlook is essential during the pandemic, and in everyday life.

Yes, businesses public operations are forced closed, and the economy is suffering, but is money worth more than human life?

Changing your outlook in a situation can reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, positively influence your family’s, and most importantly, keeps others safe.

If everyone across the Twin Cities takes the shutdown seriously, it will be over quicker and our hospitals will be better equipped to handle patients.

As said perfectly by governor Tim Walz, “We must take bold action to save the lives of Minnesotans. Having served as a Command Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard, I know the importance of having a plan. While the virus will still be here when this order ends, this action will slow the spread of COVID-19 and give Minnesota time to ready for battle.”

We’re all in this situation together, and Minnesota always proves to remain strong in times of crisis. Changing your perspective will help your mental and how you handle the current situation. Instead of focusing on all the negatives, invest your time creating positives. Maybe this extra time at home gives you quality time with your family that was missing before. Perhaps you have a side project or a hobby that you’ve been wanting to work on. How about a home remodeling project at home or in another location. Has your business considered remodeling?

If it’s the two latter goals, our MCC experts are here to help. We’re offering virtual consultations to all our clients to begin the planning.

Contact 951-564-9118 to speak with a team member today, or click here to get more ideas on ways to take advantage of the “Stay at home” order.

Though this doesn’t mean you’re actually not allowed to leave your home. Minnesotans may leave their residences only to perform any of the following activities, and while doing so, they should practice social distancing:

· Health and safety activities, such as obtaining emergency services or medical supplies

· Outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, running, biking, hunting, or fishing

· Necessary Supplies and Services, such as getting groceries, gasoline, or carry-out

· Essential and interstate travel, such as returning to a home from outside this state

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The current situation is difficult for many families, and social distancing has become the new normal due to COVID-19. However, When the day comes that we can gather again, imagine the pleasures of inviting friends over this upcoming summer. 

If you love hosting as much as we do, you might be using all this free time home planning changes and brainstorming home remodeling projects to make the summer parties and events extra special. 

Step into this wonderland outside deck in Wayzatta, Minnesota.

The outdoor area first comes to mind. A spectacular deck will go a long way when hosting during the summer, especially in Minnesota, where we do not take warm weather for granted! 

While the priority should be building an outdoor deck that fits your budget and extends outdoor life throughout the seasons and weather, it will only improve function if the design fits your hosting needs. While late spring to mid-fall is the most comfortable time to build or renovate, most deck builders work year-round. We recommend starting now, which will be perfect for the summer when reunions will be happening throughout the Twin Cities. Doing an outside project will also be beneficial since it will not disturb you working from home.

If you’re planning on inviting friends and family over often this summer, the kitchen cabinetry is another game-changer to consider. The kitchen is the most common space people will venture to, and the cabinetry dictates the style of the room. If you replace old cabinets and kitchen appliances, it will completely modernize the room and impress guests. It also doesn’t require changing plumbing or electrical, which simplifies the entire project. Replacing kitchen cabinetry can typically be finished within a week timeframe, so it will also not be a huge disturbance in your lifestyle. MCC offers a variety of semi-custom and custom styles to perfectly compliment any kitchen design.

Great home remodeling projects to do in your home to prepare for the summer in Minneapolis.
Our client in Bloomington, Minnesota loved the new popular trend of choosing a different cabinetry style for the kitchen island. Our Grey Ash Shaker creates an impressive contrast with our Deluxe White Shaker.

If you’re searching to tackle a project during this free time that doesn’t require outside intrusion, creating a new look from existing home decor is another great option. BY simply rearranging the furniture and items in your house, it can completely alter the look of your home. Just remember how exciting it used to be changing around the items in your room as a kid. This type of project will have the same effect, and can bring a fun and exciting activity for your family without any cost. 

Of course, you can purchase new furniture, home decor and art online if you really want to completely change the style of your home. Our favorite room to redecorate is the living room. The bathroom is great if you want to tackle a smaller space that can be completely revamped with a few changes. 
Another home lifestyle project that can breathe new life into your home is painting the exterior, either adding a fresh coat of paint or creating a new look. Doing the exterior will also keep the labor outside, so it will not intrude in your daily life with your family. 

We use Sherwin Williams paint and have a variety of colors and shades to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Rearranging furniture and home decorations is a great way of changing the look of your home without any costs!

If you have questions regarding budget, you can read about the costs of popular home remodeling projects, here! Or contact one of our experts at 952-564-9118!

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Homeowners choose to spend a large amounts of time and money on remodeling for various reasons: increase property value, improve function, enhance appearance, ect.

When we asked our own clients, we were surprised to discover another reason: to impress friends and family. It’s not going to be someone’s first confession for redecorating or improving their home, but isn’t vanity a big part of life? What’s wrong with wanting our friends and family to enjoy our home as much as we do, especially for homeowners whom enjoy hosting dinners and birthday parties.

The best way to get others to appreciate your style is to tryst your own taste. Research the latest kitchen design trends but don’t let the web consume you – leaving room for creativity will ensure that no other kitchen out there will look exactly like yours.

MCC semi-custom cabinetry is made to match any style or theme, from an eclectic barn-style kitchen to a fancy penthouse on Fifth Avenue. There is a carefully curated selection of styles and colors to embrace diversity but not erase the perks of exclusivity.

“I absolutely have no shame admitting that in my dream home, the most important room is my closet. I loved using the MCC Deluxe White Shaker in a more personal room, as opposed to the kitchen. It provides the amazing function and look I wanted. Don’t limit cabinetry to just the kitchen!” -Elga M. in Wayzatta, Minnesota

Our client Elga embraced the chicness of uniformity, choosing an all-white aesthetic. This modern styles seems to sustain timelessness without becoming repetitive, especially if you manipulate the design of the room to still have originality.

Complimenting the cabinetry with the countertop will bring this effect to maximum level.

This Daltile Chipped Ice style will still empower the minimalism without following the rules of complete uniformity. This is for the rebel in you. Quartz is MCC’s top recommendation for countertop, but Granite is still another great choice, especially if you’re on a tighter budget. The Chipped Ice is Quartz comes in a darker shade. The low maintenance and durability of all our Geo Flecks countertops make them perfect for residential and commercial use.

“I like the immediate contrast that the countertop and cabinetry has when guests first view my kitchen. It’s powerful and bold and completely rock and roll.” -Roseanne B. in Edina, Minnesota

Roseanne in Edina chose an island cabinetry style that would serve as the Devil’s Advocate of the room.

Another creative way of making a bold contrast is with a kitchen backsplash that is a different style from the cabinetry and countertop.

Of course, Daltile offers a selection of backsplashes but one of our favorite design ideas is making a double backsplash effect as seen below with the urban metal on a textured wall.

There are many affordable options, plus more lucrative and distinguished designs for those seeking something less traditional.

‘The function of the room is the most and the kitchen cabinetry is important to me. I put my trust in my designer to make it look nice. I just asked for a lot of storage!” -Rob L. in Lyndale, Minnesota.

Working with a designer is nothing to be ashamed about. The job of a designer is more about putting a room together than assigning your own personal style. Our MCC team will work with you to make sure that the room reflects all your needs and likings. Our client Rob wanted his home in Lyndale to offer a lot of storage and counter space, so we created a design that offered plenty without it becoming overwhelming. Symmetry is an important focus to creating balance.

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It’s never been more important to properly clean and sanitize your household regularly. In the unprecedented times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many homeowners are cleaning surfaces daily.

Though we understand this is essential to protect your family, it must be done properly to avoid damaging the cabinetry or countertop surfaces.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice put together a list of tips when sanitizing different kitchen surfaces.

Let’s start with your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities.

Clorox, whether it is Clorox wipes or the multi-purpose cleaning fluid, is not safe to use for cleaning and disinfecting your granite. The multi-purpose cleaner contains bleach, which is extremely harmful for granite and many other natural stones.

Quartz will tolerate casual exposure to milder alkaline solutions, such as diluted bleach, but high-pH substances, such as oven cleaners and concentrated bleach, will damage the surface.

Your cabinetry will be safe if you clean with mild soap. Do not use strong detergents. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of soap and water, after all, if it’s good enough for your body, it is good enough for your cabinetry. It may be tempting to use items like bleach for peace of mind, but it will damage your cabinetry and be a very costly mistake.

These are five tips when it comes to cleaning cabinetry:

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the cleaner on drawer pulls and door handles.
  • A toothbrush can be used as a cleaner scrub the hardware, small or hard to reach surfaces, and the crevices of ornate trim.
  • Use a second sponge dipped in pure water to remove any soap or cleaning product from surfaces.
  • Make sure to dry all surfaces, especially wood.

The Coronavirus lives longer on metal and stainless steel surfaces. Kitchen appliances should be cleaned regularly, and it is safe to use Clorox.

Also, don’t forget to sanitize doorknobs and handles, as these are the most frequently touched surfaces.

Read more tips specific on how to clean your kitchen cabinetry from our friends at Home and Garden.

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It goes without saying, these are unusual and unprecedented times happening around the country and world-wide.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing our daily lives dramatically, and it is important to be prepared and informed. While the elderly and health-compromised are the most at risk, it’s vital for every individual to take it seriously and take all necessary precautions. MCC has highlighted the three most recommended actions to take by the CDC.

MCC is remaining operation and offering virtual consultations. Contact 952-564-9118 to speak with one of our remodeling experts.


When in public, avoid touching your face. Wash your hand consistently and for, at least, twenty seconds. Some recommended the amount of time it takes to sing someone happy birthday, but most song choruses will work, as well. Here is more tips for hand-washing, here.


It’s simple, stay home! Avoid going in public unless for essential errands, like groceries or walking the dog. Maybe, you just need a wall, as well . It’s totally ok to get exercise outside, just do it on your own. FaceTime or call your friends, but avoid contact with anyone you don’t live with. You will be saving lives and stopping the spread. 80% of those who get the virus don’t know that they are sick or show very mild symptoms. Just because you feel healthy, doesn’t mean that you are immune.


Remember that you are not alone. The world is united through this pandemic, and we will get through it by following protocol, avoiding panic and taking care of each other.

Here’s more advise from the World Health Organization.

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Public spaces are closing, work is being suggested to be done remotely if possible, restaurants are limiting their hours / only offering delivery, Minnesotans are about to experience a lot of time staying at home.

Of course, this is for the benefit of the public and those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Individuals quarantining themselves and avoiding crowded spaces is the ultimate way to reduce the spread of the virus.

This new temporary change in life doesn’t mean productivity has to be thrown out the window. In fact, all the time that you can no longer use in social and entertainment activities can be invested back in yourself.

Here’s how to stay productive while staying at home:

Find a new hobby or make time for one that you never had time to develop.

Work for that promotion… go the extra mile. Employers will be impressed to see you working twice as hard remotely, and during a crisis. Don’t let the pandemic discourage you from working for a better future.

Have you had secret desired plans that you never had time to execute? A dream vacation? A new business idea? Reading a book? Maybe, even writing one? Invest your time in pursuing a goal. It’s never too late for that New Years resolution…

The gyms closing is not an excuse to get out of shape. Do a little research and get creative with workouts that you can do at home. Get your partner and family involved to make sure that all the new time spent in-doors doesn’t negatively impact your health. The outdoors will be your friend, and you’re least likely to catch the virus working out outside as opposed to a crowded gym.

Get creative with cooking. Less time spent in restaurant means that you have more time for home cooked meals with the family. Learn recipes or invent your own! If you start viewing it less like a chore and more like an activity, cooking can be very therapeutic… not to mention delicious.

Stay informed. Don’t let panic outweigh facts. Wash your hands. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. We will get through this together!

Find out more info on how to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus, here. Staying proactive is also about focus and attitude, you can learn more about upgrading your productivity, here.

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The satisfaction of our clients has always come first at Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice. With the current Coronavirus pandemic already affecting Minnesota, the protection and safety of our clients comes before all else.

We already have taken all the government precautions to fight against the spread of the virus, but this is to outline five measures all our employees and contractors are following to best protect you and your family, and vise versa.

Complete Sanitation Before and After Installation

With any kitchen or household remodeling project, MCC will make sure to sanitize the space before and after the project is completed. This will reduce the spread of germs and protect the homeowner and the contractor.

Taking Precautions with Our Employees and Clients

Any employee or contractor exhibiting the mildest of symptoms will be asked to stay home for an incubation period. Though we understand the coronavirus can show no symptoms in many of those afflicted, this will reduce the spread of germs, which are more easily spread when someone is visibly sick. Monitoring body temperature is also important.

Virtual Consultations

Not only are we offering free home consultations for those that want to avoid public places, we are offering virtual consultations to give you the leisure of feeling safe, especially for those with family members more vulnerable to the virus.

Flexible Installation Dates

If you want to take advantage of our sales but want to postpone installation date for the foreseeable future, You may place the order without specifying exact date. We ask for at least a one week installation notice when you decide to move forward with the project. MCC will be offer FREE expedited delivery to make this possible without adding another financial burden on our clients.

Staying Informed

The most important part is to be prepared but not to panic. Our staff is being updated daily and will keep our clients properly informed as the situation changes. It’s important to continue following Government protocol and take precaution without igniting unnecessary panic.

Read more information and find out what else you can do to protect yourself and reduce the spread, here!

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There’s no question that the color of your kitchen cabinetry will have the most impact on the style of your kitchen.

One of our favorite suburbs in Minneapolis is Bloomington, from the diversity of dining to the beautiful new constructions, it is a very stylish place to live. With our new recent showroom opening in Lyndale, we also have had the opportunity to meet many new kitchen cabinetry clients in the area.

We’ve noticed some trends in popular cabinetry color remain the same, while new ones taking place. This is truly one of the toughest decisions to make when choosing the cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom vanity.

In order to give you some inspiration, we’ve highlighted three popular colors Bloomington homeowners are choosing for kitchen cabinetry.

Deluxe White Shaker Style

Truly a classic, white kitchen cabinetry has been in style since the inception of kitchen cabinetry. From its versatility to its timelessness, there’s a reason why its managed to top the list every year. Our Deluxe White Shaker style has a glossy finish and is sure to brighten up any room.

Gray Ash Shaker Style

For those seeking to to be a little different than common trends, our Gray Ash Shaker is a stylish option. It is a brighter gray and will still work wells in rooms that don’t have a lot of light. An original choice was combining it with our Deluxe White Shaker. Choosing a different color for the kitchen island is a rising trend in the kitchen design world, and we’re loving our clients’ creativity.

American Mocha Cherry Style

100% American and 100% solid wood wood (like all our cabinetry styles, the American Mocha Cherry style is perfect for Bloomington homeowners seeking to embrace tradition. Use our Deluxe White Shaker on the island for a modern twist. If you want to show off the aesthetic of the wood and finishing, the MCC mocha is a picture-perfect choice.

Regardless of the style you choose, one of our experts at Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice will work with you to ensure it is the right choice for you. We will go over design ideas and alternatives to make sure the final project feels like home. Check out some tips on how to care for the cabinetry after, here!

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So you finished remodeling the cabinetry in your kitchen?

The fun doesn’t stop there! If you really want an upgrade, replacing old and worn out kitchen appliances will complete enhance the room.

As a one-stop shop, clients need to look no further for everything that they need than MCC.

A quality kitchen needs quality appliances, and it will also increase property value and make your investment worthwhile when/if ever you decide to sell.

Contact 952-564-9118 to go over all your kitchen remodeling questions with one of our experts, and what appliance will work best for you.

We’ve put together some of our most recommended appliances from our partners.

ATOSA Gas Range

This Atosa gas range comes with four, six or 10 burners. It works perfectly with residential or commercial kitchens. We recommend this product for someone on a strict budget looking for a quality appliance at a lower price. Read more about it, here.

Vulcan Gas Range

The best of the best, Vulcan is one of our most luxurious brands and will last for a lifetime. This is a much higher end price tag, but if the budget allows for it, it will be worth it. From its fully welded frame for more durable, longer lasting range platform, and its Optional Flame Safety feature to offer precision performance and peace of mind. Check it out, here.

Imperial Gas Range

Our middle tier brand, Imperial is in between a luxury price tag and completely affordable. Sizing starts at 24″ and goes as big as 72″. Check out all the different options, here!

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Every new year sparks changes in trends. The classics remain, but we love welcoming creative styles and colors for kitchen cabinetry.

Though everyone’s taste is different, we’ve picked three cabinetry styles that homeowners are sure to love. They take a modern twist on classics, and add a little originality to what’s already been done.

You can find out more about these styles and more by contacting one of our home remodeling experts at 952-564-9118.

Luxury cabinetry has never been more affordable.

If you’re in need of some inspiration for kitchen cabinetry, check out what’s trending among homeowners in Minneapolis.

1. Antique White Glaze

It truly combines the classic twist of white kitchen cabinetry, with a delicious glaze. This style is perfect for those looking for a traditional feel with a sophisticated twist. We suggest going on the darker end with countertops to be compliment the design. Columns also work extremely well with the kitchen island, as it has a romanesque vibration.

2. Italian Ash Grey Shaker

If your kitchen has plenty of light, a darker shade will work extra well . Dark colored cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular, and it adds a masculine touch. Our Italian Ash Grey Shake contrasts amazingly with a white Quartz countertop.

3. French Espresso Shaker

Of course, we can’t leave out the most traditional kitchen cabinetry color, but why not liven it up with some energy? Our French Espresso takes a classic without the feeling of over-done. Its rustic glaze can be perfect for a country home or a city apartment.

Check out more popular kitchen cabinetry styles trending in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, here! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest advice and tips on kitchen and home remodeling!

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Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting time in your life. It is, after all, the heart of a household and will completely transform your home; however, it does require work and preparation. It’s not a project to just dive in, and proper planning will help you avoid stress, extra costs and delays.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice has remodeled hundreds of kitchens throughout the Twin Cities, St. Paul, Wayzata, Edina, Bloomington, Lakeville and more. We love Minneapolis and the beautiful infrastructure it has to offer. We’ve also learned common mistakes homeowners make when remodeling their kitchen.

We’ve put together the top 5 to hopefully save you time and money when it comes to your kitchen remodel.

Contact one of our experts at 952-564-9118 for a free home remodeling consultation.

Not doing enough research

Don’t take someone else’s word for it, do your own research. Educate yourself on average costs of kitchen remodels, popular trends and styles, average length of time for specific projects, ect. Doing research will best prepare you to ask the right questions and set your expectations.

Making sure the design of the kitchen serves both style and function

Topping the list of Better Homes & Garden, the design of the kitchen is crucial. This should go without saying, but, more often than not, homeowners are trusting too much in their contractors and not paying enough attention to the design. You know your lifestyle and needs better than anyone else, so it is important for you to verify the final design meets the needs of your household. Yes, style is important and the layout should instill pride when guests are over, but it should also be functional. Is the sink close to the dishwasher? If you have children, an oven in the island might not be the safest idea. Where is the trash bin? Small details like this will improve your quality of everyday life when using the most common room of the house!

Not asking enough questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It is your product supplier and contractor’s job to make sure that you are satisfied with all the information provided. How long is this going to take? Will there be extra cost? Is the kitchen cabinetry 100% solid wood? Is there a warranty? Do you offer more styles in Quartz or Granite countertops? When interviewing different companies, consider it very much like a job interview, because it is. But you get to be the interviewer. It’s your family’s hard earned money being invested in this remodel, so you should pick a company that you feel most comfortable and at home with. Just check out what all of our happy clients had to say about their experience working with Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice!

Plan in advance. Delays happen, and your kitchen might be out of operation longer than expected

Even the most perfectly executed projects experience delays. This shouldn’t discourage you, but it should make you aware to plan for it. Scheduling a kitchen remodeling before a big holiday, especially if you’re hosting, might not the best idea. Do you have family visiting? Can you go an extra week without a kitchen if need be? You will thank yourself later if you plan accordingly. The wait is worth it, but why not make it easier?

Choose quality kitchen cabinetry. Thinking longterm will save you money in the long run.

Saving money on low quality items now will cost you a lot more money when you have to replace it. Areas such as cabinetry, countertops, flooring, ect. should be purchased to last. Remodeling a kitchen is an investment, and is not like buying a new pair of shoes. Ideally, you won’t have to remodel your kitchen (if don’t properly) for years to come, and choose quality products will not only increase your quality of life, but it will increase the value of your home. Quality service and quality items should be a guarantee when choosing the company to remodel your home.

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It’s no secret that kitchen cabinetry dictates the success of a kitchen’s interior style.

The color will either enhance or clash with the decorative items. Have you always dreamed of living in the country, or are you a city person that embraces the modern? Your personality will decide what cabinetry style is best for you.

Contact (952)-(564)-(9118) to speak with a kitchen remodeling expert today.

MCC’s semi-custom line of kitchen cabinetry styles are popular because of their beautiful design and luxury quality. All styles are 100% solid wood in maple, alder or oak. They a sustainably manufactured in the US with planet Earth in mind.

Affordability is another key factor. Not only does every piece of cabinetry look great with the different aesthetics and styles found throughout Minnesota, but the function is made durable and resilient to big families.

Their versatility makes them popular among younger and older generations alike. They also compliment each other when making a statement with the kitchen island.

Our columns will bolden your kitchen’s presence, and we’ll make sure to find a design that will perfectly compliment your existing decor.

Their durability is their most subtle quality, and all our cabinetry comes with the guarantee that it is made to last. Whether your kitchen serves a large family or a table for two, Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is committed to function, style and budget.

One should not have to compromise when it comes to your home, and we make sure to design a kitchen plan that perfectly meets the needs of every client.

Affordable kitchen cabinetry should not sacrifice luxury, and that is why we take pride in every style. From shaker to frameless, to our Antique French White to our

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It’s time to decorate your home with wall art and lighting fixtures that is as stylish as function, ranging from stunningly simple to fabulous and fanciful.

Our trending product this week is Ferguson’s Sconce art for its uniqueness and diversity in styles. They can be grouped together in uniform, mixed or individually placed as a statement piece.

These styles go great in any room of the house and the colors are versatile with different looks and themes.

Contact 952-564-9118 for options and pricing. Schedule a complimentary consultation for design ideas and more. We’re also currently offering 35% off semi-custom kitchen cabinetry!

If we had to pick a favorite, you ask?

This Crystorama “Broche” 1 bulb wall sconce is serves as the perfect example of style and function. This would look beautiful on any wall, even if it wasn’t conveniently a light, as well .

These lighting pieces are great for their affordability and how they so uniquely pass as home decor.

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Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice understands the importance of sleep.

The quality of your sleep isn’t solely dependent on length, but your dreams are only as good as the foundation supporting them. We mean this literary.

Our newest mattresses are designed for support and comfort with signature Italian foam and AirPod technology.

Contact someone from our team at 952-564-9118 to receive 20% off your Conforma mattress purchase.

Quality sleep helps reduce stress, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, strengthens immune system and maintains a healthy metabolism. Ultimately, better sleep puts you in a better mood.

Do you need a better reason for a Conforma mattress? Pair it with our bio-ceramic Ceramo pillows, which you can read more about here.

“Bio ceramic gel has many beneficial effects to the body. In addition to the cooling effect the pillow provides, bio ceramics provide potential improvement in blood oxygen levels, blood circulation, and reduced joint inflammation. All of which effectively promote vitality, muscle relaxation and reduction of stress and fatigue.”

Our new mattress and pillow technology will change your sleep forever. Don’t you know once you go bio-ceramic, there’s no going back?

Are you ready for better sleep? Call now 952-564-9118 for a consultation and see what options are best for you.

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Let’s face it, kitchen cabinetry is an investment in your home, and, like all investments, it’s a cost one needs to prepare for.

Deciding whether custom cabinetry is necessary will be the biggest indicator of what to budget for it.

MCC offers fully-custom cabinetry in all styles, using only the highest quality materials. Contact 952–564-9118 for a kitchen remodeling consultation.

Here are five reasons that indicate custom cabinetry is right for you.

Uniform Design

If you’re trying to match an existing style in your home, or you have a vision that is just not in stock in the marketplace, then custom cabinetry might be the best route. There are a variety of cabinetry styles and common sizes that work for most kitchens, however, it’s important to consult with your supplier about your options. If you’re not flexible in style or size, then customizing your cabinetry will guarantee the most satisfaction.

Higher Budget

Custom cabinetry is going to be more expensive. It’s a bigger investment, but it’s worth it in the proper circumstances. If it’s not going to be a huge financial hurdle, then it’s worth considering, especially if you have specific taste. There is also always financing options that will heavily facilitate the process.

Size Flexibility

As mentioned, if you’re not flexible on sizing and need everything done and finished in an exact way, then custom cabinetry is for you. If you’re working with an interior designer or contractor that has plans with definite measurements, custom cabinetry will provide the ultimate experience.

Custom bathroom vanities fall into the category of custom cabinetry, and it will enhance your bathroom with magical creations.

Long Lasting

Custom cabinetry is going to be made perfectly for you. MCC custom cabinetry is made with only the highest quality materials, in the most durable woods, and each inch fully personalized to fit the kitchen of your dreams.

Personal Preferences

Ultimately, custom cabinetry is for homeowners with uncompromising personal preferences. It’s for kitchens with odd angles and measurements. It is for kitchen visionaries that want their kitchen cabinetry to fit a predetermined mold.

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Cooler than a trend is a look that doesn’t go out of style. When it comes to cabinetry, our Deluxe White Shaker style is definitely a timeless classic.

The versatility of this cabinetry style makes it a popular choice. It matches most aesthetics, and fits in seamlessly with any interior style. It’s commonly used by home-flippers because of it’s wide mass appeal; however, quality cannot be overlooked.

All MCC semi-custom cabinetry styles come in solid wood wood (maple, alder or oak), adjustable hinges, soft-closing and dovetail drawers. Contact us at 952-564-9118 to schedule a consultation.

Our MCC Deluxe White Shaker Style

Not only does it look great in kitchens, white shaker cabinetry is also complimentary with other household rooms, like laundry rooms and bathrooms. If you’re looking to create a monochromatic cabinet scheme throughout your home, this is a good choice.

White cabinetry will also reflect light, making a space appear brighter and more spacious. This illusion is another factor in its popularity, specially when square footage or lack of windows are a problem.

Shaker is actually the most popular cabinetry style across the board, so it’s only fitting a white shaker will take the prize for popularity, especially when modern trends lean towards simplicity and a clean look. One con would be maintenance and they are more prone to staining, so don’t forget some chic drink coasters.

It’s possible to still have an original look with white shaker cabinetry, and it simply requires some planning. Figure out what you want your kitchen to express, how you want guests to feel, what vibes do you want decorations to enhance, ect. Take advantage of flooring, islands, wall colors, decorative items, lighting fixtures, furniture, etc. to bring the originality, and watch the versatility of the white shaker perfectly compliment it.

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Kitchen cabinetry often tops the list for household upgrades, along with flooring and wall color. However, cabinetry is not just for the kitchen and can be used in many rooms, such as the entertainment area and work space. Another aesthetic-enhanging form of cabinetry is a vanity.

Bathroom vanities come in different styles and sizes, and can be as minimal as the counter for the sink, or it can be an entire area separate from the bathroom. There’s the popular His-and-Her vanity. Regardless, bathroom vanities serve as much style as it does function, and can class up a guest bathroom wihtout much else needed, except the scented candle and, perhaps, a picture or painting on the wall. We offer gorgeous Lenox bathroom décor! Ask about our discounts.

Bathroom vanities matter because, let’s face it, bathrooms are the typically the smallest room in the house, so there’s not much else you can do with them. A vanity is a great opportunity to create a style for the room, and because of the small project size, it’s not going to break the bank.

Also, guests will notice. It’s a great way to impress without bragging, as that’s probably the one room in the house at least one person will ask to specifically see during a dinner party.

Function also comes to mind, especially for women. A properly executed bathroom vanity can make getting ready so much more pleasing every morning. It’s important to plan and make sure the design works with your own routine and interests.

The countertop for your bathroom vanity also matters, and it’s obviously important to choose a material that is resistant to water. Quartz countertop are popular for their durability and style.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, contact one of our experts today at 952-564-9118.

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Homeowners in Minneapolis and throughout the suburbs of the Twin Cities often fall for the expensive misconception that they need custom cabinetry for their kitchen remodel.

Contact one of our kitchen remodeling experts at 952-564-9118 and receive 35% off your order on all our semi-custom styles.

Custom cabinetry is often necessary for specific designs, or to accommodate kitchens that require cabinetry measurements outside of the usual. It’s also necessary when you have a vision of a particular color or combination in mind that isn’t currently in stock, or exists.

But typically, especially if you’re interested in traditional styles and colors, semi-custom cabinetry will be much more affordable but equally luxurious.

Our semi-custom cabinetry styles are all 100% solid wood, adjustable hinges, soft-closing and dovetail drawers.

From our classic Deluxe White Shaker, to our delicious French Espresso and, putting a modern twist on a vintage style, the Antique White Glazed, MCC offers over seven styles in our semi-custom line of cabinetry.

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When it’s time to choose the countertop for your kitchen, it’s usually an internal debate between Quartz and Granite, and deciding: which one is right for you?

Though they are both great options for function and style, there are a few differences to keep in mind.


Granite is a natural stone that is made from stone quarries and is then cut into thin slabs, polished, and fabricated into countertops. Quartz, on the other hand, is engineered from stone products that is a large percentage of natural quarts but includes other minerals, as well.


They are both visually impressive and come in a variety of styles and colors. Some prefer granite because each slab will be slightly different in appearance. This means that every granite countertop is unique. Quartz countertop is more uniformed in design, as an engineered product, but it comes in more styles and colors that granite can’t offer.

Both Require Outside Installation

Unless it is for a small bathroom vanity, both granite and quartz are extremely heavy and are best to be handled by a professional. Usually, whoever is selling the material will be best to advise a recommendation. We offer installation with all our products at an additional charge.


Quartz is relatively considered more durable than granite, and requires less maintance. Granite requires sealing upon installation, and periodic sealing every couple years. The resin in quarts makes them less vulnerable to staining; however, granite is more resistant to heat. It’s also important to keep in mind that Quartz requires less maintenance, but it is also more expensive.

Ultimately, both quartz and granite are considered luxury, quality countertop options, and there is no wrong choice between the two. It’s all about what is right for you.

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Changing the cabinetry in a kitchen alone will create an entirely new look. What color and style will dictate the aesthetic for the entire room. This brought us to question what are the popular cabinetry trends in the Twin Cities right now?

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White shaker cabinetry remains a classic.

This cabinetry trend remains popular throughout suburbs, like Edina, Bloomington, Lakeville and more. It’s also popular in city apartments, and among home flippers. White shaker is one of those trends that will never go out of style.

Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 color of the year is naval.

This might influence some blue kitchen cabinetry this year, a trend that already picked up in 2019. Sherwin-Williams color of the year is naval. However, we don’t suggest naval cabinetry. Stick with accents and fixtures less permanent. Another stylish idea is a naval bathroom vanity.

Engineered-quartz benchtops are on the rise.

The texture is not only what our interior design dreams are made of, they truly finish any kitchen with the special touch of texture. Benchtops are our favorite combination of function and style. Houzz trends report knows what we’re talking about.

Maple, Alder or Oak for the win.

These cabinetry materials continue to be our favorite, and that is probably why our MCC semi-custom line of cabinetry styles continue to be our most popular. From the Antique White Glazed to the French Espresso, what’s your favorite?

Grey doesn’t have to be bland.

It might not be ideal for a cloudy day, but grey is more stylish than we credit it for. Leaning towards a darker shade, this is also becoming increasingly popular among kitchen designers. It encapsulates masculinity without the room becoming dark.

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There are a lot of important questions to ask during home remodeling. Doing the proper research and setting expectations can help you avoid obstacles in the long run, especially if it you’re home that you’re remodeling.

This occurred to me at a recent construction site in Lakeville, Minnesota when a new client mentioned being stiffed by his previous cabinetry supplier when the wrong sizes were delivered.

Our biggest advice is to always ask for an itemized list of the cabinetry being delivered, and verified by your contractor.

Cabinetry is basically the clothes for your kitchen. It will enhance (if done correctly) the style and function of the room.

Minneapolis is home to beautiful neighborhood suburbs, such as Lakeville, Bloomington, Edina and more. When our clients move from buildings to start their lives in beautiful homes for a family, the kitchen is usually the top of the list for renovations.

Our first recommendation is wood. Make sure that whatever cabinetry supplier you use offers 100% solid wood. Affordable doesn’t always mean quality, and one should not cancel out the other.

Additionally, style is essential. There are so many different variations and colors, such as frameless and shaker, to maple, alder or oak, what is it you’re looking for? Always make sure to ask for options, and don’t be shy to ask for advice. Most home contractors will be happy to help, as ideally it won’t be their first time in the rodeo. If you’re looking to bounce ideas, just request a free consultation by calling one of our experts at 952-564-9118.

Don’t forget to ask for timing, and if it’s this is the final cost? Probably two of the most costly questions to consider. Make sure the price you’re paying includes the entire project, and that there’s a time frame that the contractor can commit to. Often, you’re cabinetry supplier and contractor come from the same source, which Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice offers, as well.

Just read some of our happy clients reviews, here.

Ultimately, remember remodeling your home should be an exciting and fun time in your life. But it’s important to do your due diligence, and remember that it should be taken seriously. Don’t rely on outside expertise, and avoid being taken advantage of by knowing average costs, what the market offers and typical timeframes, that way your expectations will match the best in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction is what MCC is all about!

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We get it. It’s cold, and it’s hard to focus on anything during the freezing winter months, besides staying warm.

While homeowners tend to avoid home improvement or remodeling projects during the winter, experts argue there’s actually several projects where this is the ideal time to tackle.

There’s not time like the present, contact  952-564-9118 to speak with one of our home improvement experts.

Not only will you benefit from their enhancement this winter months, but with the snow and below zero degree weather, the calmer weekends are the perfect time to focus on these projects. Here’s a list of what remodeling experts say are the best winter upgrades for homeowners.

1. Install Heated Floors

Heated flooring is a life changer during the winter, and radiant heating is compatible with almost all floor finishes. Electric in-floor heating provides warmth throughout the whole room, creating a new meaning for comfort. MCC prides itself on partnering with Warmup, allowing us to offer this luxury to our partners at affordable pricing.

2. Organize Storage

Get a jump start on spring cleaning by organizing your storage early for the weekend. Whether it’s the garage or the basement, our guess is there’s probably a storage area in the house that you’re scared to open. Even better, why not enhance it with cabinetry? It’s a project that doesn’t require commitment in terms of project or electric, and can be completed in a few days with the right installers. Plus, gorgeous cabinetry is excellent for style and function.

3. Trim Your Trees

Winter is time to trim, your backyard, that is. Maybe even your porch. A project that doesn’t automatically come to mind but actually makes a lot of sense. With most trees nothing but limbs throughout the winter, it’s actually the best time to prune your trees and shrubs.

4. Interior Decorating

Winter is fantastic for sales. This is a great time to start shopping for must-haver items that you’ve been putting on the back-burner. Just because the holidays didn’t deliver all the gifts that you wanted, doesn’t mean it’s too late to get them yourself. Even better, winter will help you save on deals not available during the warmer months.

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Home decorating is an exciting and creative process, but it isn’t always fun.

Between choosing kitchen cabinetry, to the most complimentary color for the walls, or the most suitable material for flooring, there is a lot of heavy commitment decision-making. This is especially true when something like the flooring is in desperate need of replacement, but replacing the entire floor is a much bigger – and costlier- job.

Contact one of our remodeling experts at +1 952-564-9118 to find out what flooring is best for you.

We’ve broken down some of the basic flooring options to choose from.

1. Solid Wood

A timeless classic, this has been the most popular flooring in the US for decades, and compliments any interior design style. Solid wood flooring comes in either strips, which range in width from 1.5 to 2.5 inches, or planks 4 to 8 inches wide. It can be made from many types of wood, from domestic varieties such as oak and maple to more exotic varieties such as Brazilian cherry. Prices ranges on the wood, so be sure to ask for options!

2. Ceramic Tile

Talk about colors, shapes and sizes. Ceramic tile comes in a huge variety, and it’s important to go into it having done some research. Just check out all the gorgeous options our partner MSI offers. We recommend porcelain tile for traffic areas like the kitchen. Since it comes in such diversity, price ranges. If you do live in a cold area, the downside is that it can be cold to the touch.

3. Vinyl

We absolutely love luxury vinyl, but that’s not the only type. Vinyl tiles and sheet goods are called resilient flooring According to HGTV, in general, “a thicker vinyl surface means better quality and higher price. Thicker vinyl can have a textured surface that looks like real stone and wood.” You can expect good quality vinyl to last up to 20 years!

4. Engineered Wood

The obvious benefit is that engineered wood can give you the look of wood at a lower price.  It’s less durable than hardwood over the long run because it can only be refinished one to three times, though it’s easier to afford exotic woods such as Tigerwood or Brazilian maple, which are more resistant to scratches and dents.. 

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is a very stylish option for flooring but varies in durability. So you don’t want to go cheap. It has become popular as a more eco-friendly alternative to solid wood, but this is not always the case. Research is required to make sure the bamboo you are ordering is truly a greener alternative, since the production of some companies is actually higher in carbon foot print. Though price is similar to wood, installation can be more expensive.

If you live in a colder area, like anywhere in Minnesota, you might want to consider looking into Warmup underfloor heating prior to installing new floors. This will be a life saver during the harsh winter, and you can purchase all of it at great pricing through Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice.

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Putting a little more flavor on a classic tone, Sherwin Williams has declared the mood for 2020.

We’re here for it.

Navy is a calming color and enriches a room without adding angst, like a deep red might do. Naval is more stylish, less boring like a school uniform. It draws on more serene powers, like the sea or the moon.

According to Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing, “The shade is simultaneously luxurious and versatile, and would enhance a formal dining room as much as a zen yoga studio.” Wadden labels the blue as a “new neutral,” suggesting that tones outside of the typical white, gray, or beige can be used to a similarly calming effect.

All Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice clients receive a discount with Sherwin Williams paint!

Though we don’t love the idea of naval kitchen cabinetry, our Deluxe White Shaker style will look magnificent against a naval painted wall. Or imagine Vinyl Laminate flooring paired with a texturized naval rug. The options go on.

As Wadden reminds us, “Because navy has strong ties to nature and well-being, it made sense to select Naval. It is reminiscent of the night sky, which people have looked to for centuries for guidance, as a muse and as a reminder to live more mindfully.”

Thank God, because Green is great outside or in plants, but keep it out of your interior design color scheme! This is the 10th year that Sherwin-Williams  has chosen a color of the year, and we’re excited to experiment with all the different ways of applying it. Because it can be the star of the show, or a great supporting color, and there are so many different palettes to create with it.

Mood board time, anyone?

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The type of lighting you use in your home presents the entire aesthetic. Whether you prioritize a space for entertaining or as a home office, lighting makes a huge difference.

More than function, what is the style of your home? No detail in interior design is trivial, as the slightest of changes can make a big difference.

Contact one of our experts at +1 952-564-9118 to review all the lighting styles that we offer, and what can work best for you!

The three main types of lighting styles are ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. We’ve broken down each one to help decide what is best for you.

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides enough light for daily use. Energy efficient bulbs are effective for this type of light, also known as general lighting. The most common fixtures to use this type of light are overhead and lamps, which can also be used for task lighting.

2. Task Lighting

Like the name reads, this lighting is meant to help complete tasks and work, such as the lamp on a desk or under cabinet lighting (think refrigerator and oven lights, as well ). This type of lighting helps you to be detail oriented, and is helpful to have a feature to help adjust brightness.

3. Accent Lighting

Whether to emphasize art or highlight a specific part of your home, accent lighting is used for contouring. It can also be placed of shelves or a bookcase. Since LEDs emit no UV light and minimal heat, they are the best choice for safely lighting artwork or adding picture lighting. Since it is used to draw attention, a skilled use of accent lighting will be properly angled and create a spotlight. No need to draw the curtains, just flip the switch to end the show.

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Minneapolis is beloved for many qualities, but winter, for most, isn’t one of them.

Upon the many ways to stay warm, heated flooring is a game changer. It’s scientifically proven that keeping your feet warm can help with the rest of the body.

Contact one of our experts at 952-564-9118 to speak with an expert.

Here are five reasons to invest in heated flooring:

  • It is effective in saving energy and low running in cost.
  • Is there anything better than comfort and warm floors?
  • Take control of your life by taking control of the temperature in your home!
  • The design is yours for the choosing.
  • It reduces dust circulation, making it ideal for those with allergies and sensitive to dust.

The list continues. Contact us at 952-564-9118 to explore how Warm Up can improve your life during the winter!

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Do you have mystery spaces? Rooms or closets, bins or whole areas of your home where you have no idea what may be hidden there? Do you, like most people, put things away hoping to “deal with” them on another, more convenient day, only to discover them lurking in a hidden space when you least expect to find them?

A closet isn’t just for clothes or storage. One of the most helpful tips to organization and home cleanliness is having a closet for stuff that you use occasionally, or doesn’t quite have a designated space.

Maybe it is sports equipment that just doesn’t have a “home” unless it is in constant use. Maybe it is a project you really want to finish, if you ever get the time. Maybe it is a scrapbook or another family-memory-making endeavor that just got tucked away for another day. . .well maybe that day is now!?

What if your nooks and crannies where “stuff” gets tucked away could be organized and orderly? What if a closet system or even some shelving could make hidden space more visible? What if you could see what your hiding now and recognize it readily, making it easy to retrieve and pick up when you have time? Projects shouldn’t turn into problems; ambitions shouldn’t burden us with the conflict of “someday” hanging over our heads! If you can see it, find it, allocate some time to it, you can get it done!

That’s the real trick – to make your “tuck-away” space into visible, useful space that serves your needs and let’s you spot your intentions so that they don’t become forgotten wishes. You can do this! A modest renovation, adding some cabinets or organizing a closet or that void under the stairs, can be all that it takes to put you on the road to real productivity this year.

Consider where you’re hiding those projects you’d love to finish, those old treasures you’d really like to honor with a “home” of their own – then talk to your contractor and find a way to turn lost space (and lost opportunities) into new, safe, secure storage for the things you treasure and the plans you have for their best use!

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Have the kids gone off to college and left you with their “stuff”? Did you turn your son’s bedroom into your craft room after stuffing all his belongings into the closet? Did you make your daughter’s room into
a den where you watch football with your buddies, and don’t have to worry about vacuuming up the popcorn until the next game?

We all do that. But then, there’s the son or daughter who comes home looking for that special object of their affections and, of course, we have no idea where it is tucked away!! What to do? Well, not every keep-safe is really worth the high-priced real estate of a shelf in your home
– some things can safely sit in a box, well-labeled and put away until Jill or Johnny comes home to hunt for them. But where to put that box is the question worth asking!

Why not turn your stuffing space into genuine storage space so that it can accommodate the kids’ possessions now and other things once they’ve truly launched and are on their own and in their own space (please, send those possessions with them!!). We all need better organization in our homes. That’s true whether we’re trying to manage a home-office or simply combine two households (A room-mate? A new spouse?). Creating order is particularly beneficial on many levels. It can relieve your stress, relax your mind and of course, make finding your treasures that much easier, when you’re searching for them.

All it takes is a little thought, a tape measure and some ingenuity to imagine those closets and storage areas as freshly organized, orderly spaces where you can put things that matter (but aren’t needed now) away for the time when they are sought-after. This is a gift you can give yourself, and others in your life.

When everything has a “home” you don’t need everything within your sight-range. You can go right to the cupboard and open the door revealing exactly what you’re searching for – Grandma’s vase, perhaps? Storage space that’s well-organized and easy to access is truly the gift that keeps on giving – consider this gift for yourself this year, and make 2020 your happiest year on record!

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When you think about renovating your home, you logically have to consider how the changes will improve the way you live by enhancing flow, making it easier to access the things you use every day or simpler to move about the house unimpeded.

What would make your life easier? Maybe it is a mudroom where family members can unburden themselves of coats and boots, backpacks and scarves – and where you can organize for the next departure so that everything and everyone moves smoothly.

Maybe it’s a kitchen island that could transform your sense of order in the heart of your home – a space where everyone can gather and where food and function mingle for simpler family dinners. Or do you need to create a spa-like feel in your master bathroom, making it a private get-away, not just the room where you shower?

Consider where life is most frustrating for you in your home; what would you change? What changes would transform the way you live making your life simpler, easier, more streamlined, giving you more time for the things and people who count? Now is the time to make those resolutions and to give yourself the gift of simplicity, of storage, of breathing and moving space that only a well-planned renovation can achieve.

What will your life look and feel like when your home serves you in every way possible? What will you accomplish when moving through your life and your space becomes easy, accessible and simply a joy?

These may be the kinds of New Year’s resolutions you have only dreamed about, but they can make 2020 and many years beyond into the best years of your life, simply because you renovated your home!

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A perfect kitchen can mean something different to every person you ask. It might smell like cookies. Maybe, it has a large island, a decorative breakfast bar. For most, the perfect kitchen is one that is perfectly suited for the needs of their family.

So, how can you achieve the kitchen that is perfect for you.

Well, it must be noted that there is no such thing as the literal definition of perfect implies, but it actually is a synonym for whatever specific qualities you are looking for, including budget.

Any of our remodeling experts (whom can reached at +1 952-564-9118) will tell you that research is the first step. Many have no idea what they want until they see it.

Also, let’s not forget about the furniture of the kitchen, the cabinetry.

Investing a little bit more on quality is always going to save (even profit) you money in the long-run, though don’t forget to get a few quotes to make sure that you’re getting a fair price.

Countertops are important, and the perfect kitchen will also reflect a little bit of your own personality. So whether that means a color, paintings on the walls, even a specific layout, don’t be shy to express your vision to everyone involved in the remodeling process, and decorating it afterwards.

Every time someone refers to the kitchen as “perfect,” what they really mean is that it feels like home.

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It’s a new year, new you… but there can also be a new home, and you don’t even have to move.

Maintaining the picture-perfect household can be tricky and difficult, especially with a large family. We’ve put together some tips that can help avoid stressing about unexpected company.

Achieve your dream home by contacting one of our remodeling experts today at +1 952-564-9118

1. Avoid Build Up Of Clutter

It might seem obvious, but the best way to avoid a big mess is to stop the little messes from turning into one harder to clean up in 5 minutes. Practicing putting things away appropriately in the first place is essential to maintaining a home that you’re proud of.

2. Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of any household, and upgrading appliances or cabinetry will make a huge change in how guests perceive your home. Even on slightly messier days, a modern kitchen will still pull everything together and be sure to impress.

3. Go Minimalist

The best way to achieve a modern look and also a clean aesthetic is with a minimalistic approach to home decor. Choose statement pieces over a bunch of pieces just for the sake to try and fill up the space. Sometimes less really is more, and we have discovered that overdecorating or furnishing can actually make a place look crowded.

4. Choose Color

Going with a minimalist approach doesn’t have to be black and white! Choose your favorite wall and make it a statement of its own! It’s an affordable and easy way to change the look of any home and turn it into an entirely new space. Check out colors predicted to be popular in 2020, here.

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Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is trusted by clients not just because of our work but our liability in the materials and quality.

As product suppliers, we don’t just come in for the installation but secure the delivery and quality of everything needed.

Contact one of our remodeling experts today at +1 952-564-9118 for a free consultation!

1. Expertise in the Product, therefore, in its installation.

2. One Company has liability and responsibility.

3. They most likely have access to lower costs, therefore, avoid high retail markups.

4. They have more control of shipment times and scheduling.

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Finally upgrade your countertops! You’ve waited so long – maybe as long as you’ve lived in the house – and now is your time to go pick out the surface you love and have it installed. We’ve talked before about the many kinds of countertops you can select – glamorous granite, sparkling quartz, even the
manufactured stone finishes that can offer both easy cleaning and lasting resilience, no matter how hard you use your kitchen counters.

Contact one of our remodeling experts at (952) 564-9118 for a free consultation today!

The work gets done in three easy steps:

1. Design –

this is the choosing and measuring step – it can take the longest because you’re confronted with so many amazing products, finishes and colors! But once you know what you want, let the professionals measure and manage the rest. Remember you can always get the
look you want in a variety of grades (not all granite is out of your price-range!) so do talk to your contractor to see what’s possible on your budget and by all means, love the product you choose!

2. Remove –

this is the “dirty job” part of the work – tearing out the old so that you can make room for the new. This might be a step you want to do yourself, perhaps to save money, perhaps to get out some of your winter tensions and clear your mind of cabin fever by swinging a hammer or hauling out the old surfaces. You can demo nicely or you can really make a mess. My advice would be to pick a work-style somewhere in between. Don’t worry about breaking the old countertops – do worry about where you swing that hammer, so you’re not replacing a window you had no intention of changing!

3. Replace –

The fun step! Leave this entirely to the construction crew. It involves lots of heavy lifting and careful fitting. You don’t want to be the one responsible for this part of the job! It can put the crowning glory on your kitchen, brighten, freshen and totally transform the space you use so thoroughly every day. New countertops can make daily dinners seem like you’ve
moved to a grand new space that makes every-day eating feel like a magnificent new experience!

Take your pick, find a project that won’t bring the cold that’s everywhere outdoors into your house. Find something that moves you and can be confined to a limited amount of time. Know your contractor and keep the lines of communication open.

But above all, don’t be afraid to remodel in winter!

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Another popular project easy to do during the winter months is re-furbishing the look of your kitchen cabinets! This doesn’t mean hauling out all your cabinets and starting over – unless you want to completely renovate. It also doesn’t mean re-arranging the whole footprint of your kitchen. It does mean imagining your old kitchen with a whole new look. This can be accomplished in several ways. . .

Contact one of our kitchen remodeling experts at (952) 564-9118 for a free consultation!

1. You could paint!

Yes, you can paint cabinets. You can do it as a DIY project (and, potentially be disappointed with the results) or, you can hire someone who knows what s/he’s doing and be assured that no skimping will occur on the sanding and drying in-between coats of luxurious paint. This can add amazing color to your room and perk-up even the most dark or dour
kitchen! Consider a deep navy blue with brushed nickel handles or a deep rich grey with shiny brass handles or go with a totally traditional look – solid white with handles that either show rich contrast (dark bronze) or disappear entirely with the white-on-white look. Color can transform your space, and it is a great project for winter!

2. You could replace or re-face all the doors and drawer-fronts!

This lets you consider glass inserts for a look that lets you and your guests admire your lovely pieces often hidden away behind closed doors! It also allows you to consider the finish – maybe you’re tired of that golden oak and you’d really like a fresher, updated look – go ahead! Your contractor can show you finishes that will totally refresh your kitchen with designs that will have you saying, “Whose kitchen is this?” Don’t look now – it is YOURS!

3. You could replace some cabinets with open shelving!

For a totally modern look and a design that says, “Look at all the cool stuff we have!” You can design for the things that make you happy – maybe it is big glass display jars of your favorite carbohydrates – cereal, rice, barley,
even lentils and beans – beautiful on their own, in bright clear glass containers, they become decorations that sparkle and invite! Consider showing off your collection too – maybe it is made up of tea pots or beautifully painted rice bowls or maybe your guilty pleasure is colored glass. Go ahead, put it out in the open – let everyone enjoy what you’ve collected over the years! Make the heart of your home reflect the guilty pleasures you’ve treasured and kept to yourself.

Now, put them on display for all to see!

In our exploration of what you might want to do in the dead of winter to re-envision your kitchen, this seems the very simplest of all the choices…

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When you think about remodeling, you think about summer, right?

Who wants construction people coming and going from your house in the dead of winter, hauling in all the slush and salt from outdoors, making messy, dirty puddles everywhere, and leaving you with the mess when each work-day is done? Who wants your door propped open when the outdoor temperatures are barely out of the teens? Who wants the pets slipping outside when the snow drifts are taller than your retriever? Who wants the energy bills that will inevitably come on top of the construction bills in the end – nobody, that’s who!

But winter can be an excellent time to do some indoor projects. Three great projects come to mind:

Upgrade your closet!

To accomplish this, much of the work will be YOURS not the contractor’s but it can be so great to trim down your cumbersome wardrobe to a closet full of things you love to touch and wear. Start by emptying the space entirely. Vacuum and dust thoroughly. Then go through the enormous pile of clothing, shoes, belts and accessories you’ve dumped onto the center of the bed.
Ask yourself three questions as you handle each piece:
a. Does it fit me?
b. Do I wear it?
c. Do I love it (or how it makes me feel)?

If it doesn’t fit DON’T give it closet space. If you wear it regularly, ask yourself where it should “live” – where should it be placed so you can grab it and go whenever you like – no searching, no wondering if it
is deep in the laundry-pile. Finally, if you love it, it gets premier real-estate in the closet – if you don’t love it, it doesn’t deserve to simply take up space among the clothing you do love! Have bags or bins for you “toss” or “give” items. There may also need to be a bin for “storage” when it is a beloved item you just can’t wear now.

Then, look at all you’ve saved – that will tell you what kind of closet storage space you need. How many long pieces – if there aren’t many, your full-length closet may only be a foot or two wide. How many jackets, shirts, blouses? That will determine the “half-length” space which can permit you to have both a top and a lower rod to double the hanging space. How many “foldables” like sweaters or sweatshirts – these things may keep better on shelves than on hangers. Once you’ve got an assessment of each kind of space you need, a closet-designer can help you map out your available closet space and set you up for the installation of your dreams.
Who wouldn’t want to launch the New Year (and yes, in the dead of winter) with a fabulous new closet design, the ability to find everything you love to wear and see all the beautiful combinations you can create because your closet is organized and designed to serve your needs!

This is a GREAT winter make-over project!

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Cabinetry is often thought of for the kitchen, but it can easily enhance and upgrade different rooms throughout the household.

From creating more storage space to style, there are plenty of benefits that come from finding the perfect set of cabinetry for each room. We’ve put together a list of tips to keep in mind when designing what cabinetry will work best for each room.

1. The Kitchen

The most obvious and popular place for cabinets, it would be difficult to imagine a kitchen without cabinetry. Choose the right quality and style can also increase the property of a home. Remember storage is a big component of any kitchen, so function should be considered before style. Though with our famous line of MCC Semi-Custom cabinetry, you can have it all.

2. The Bathroom

Known as the vanity, this is specialized “cabinets” made perfectly for the bathroom sink. Unlike the kitchen, you typically just have one, so you have to say more with less. We suggest choosing granite or marble tops, which are more durable and will class up the look of any bathroom.

3. The Living Room

Not typically considered when shopping for cabinetry, another word could be the entertainment space. If you plan on having a TV, you can customize open shelves and a base for it, giving you more style and space. You can also consider cabinetry to be shelves or where you keep the dining room china. Enhance this with glass windows to show off your silverware and decorations. While you’re at it, check out some of the beautiful dining products we carry from Lenox.

4. The Closet

The most personal room in the house, your beloved clothing and personal items deserve their own quality housing. Use a mix of drawers and open shelves, plus customize it with bars for all your jackets and longer pieces. We can customize the perfect closet for you.

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Whether you need em’ or not, family is always there; for support, to celebrate, to encourage, and, sometimes, to get on our nerves.

Especially during the holidays, it feels almost impossible to escape the anxiety that too much family time can cause. Because they are the people we love the most, it’s only natural that they are the ones we fight with so easily, especially when you add all the obligations and stress holidays can have, especially with so many relatives in one room.

Contact one of our remodeling experts at +1 952-564-9118 to make your home picture-perfect for your next special gathering.

We’ve put together some of our best tips to help you deal with the relatives that can be a little overbearing during the holidays.

1.Separate Yourself

Though this is not a long-lasting solution, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be present for every moment. It is perfectly acceptable to take a nap, or a walk, or just some time to read or watch a show in your room. Maybe, even, go out for a drive. Alone time can really help decompress and keep an eye on the big picture: you love them!

2. Communicate

If there’s an uncle that is always picking on you, or a Grandmother that expects too much, it’s important to take them aside and express it in a non-combative manner. More often than not, they are not as aware that they are causing you stress.

3. Listen

Just like sometimes family might not be conscious about their annoyances, we don’t even realize we are the problem. If there is a strained relationship or a problem in the family, take time to listen and reflect and ask what you can personally do or change to make the situation better.

4. Have Fun

Don’t let the stress and obligations of the holidays ruin a good time. Let go of the picture-perfect idea in your head and have fun. 

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Do you really need a new home or could your current home be remodeled in such a way as to make your life easier AND increase the market value of your investment?

Most of us consider a move when our current residence isn’t “working” for us in some way. The flow isn’t right, the rooms feel too small, there aren’t enough bathrooms or the family has just outgrown that narrow, galley kitchen. All that may be absolutely true, but it does not mean you have to move. It may just mean you need a good designer and a skillful builder who can transform your current home into the home of your dreams!

Start by imagining what you really want and need in a home. Visit some “inspiration” houses – new builds, fresh on the market and well-staged. What makes them “perfect” in your mind? Is it the open concept, the taller kitchen cabinets that offer so much more storage, or maybe the functional laundry space that invites you in to do that chore you hate? Make your list.

What are the features that, if available in your own house, would make living there so much easier, relaxing and even exciting? Once you know what you want and how your home needs to serve you, consider who can help design such renovations? Are you looking for a little remodeling or do you need to build an addition that doubles the footprint of the home? Are you adding a bathroom or a whole master bedroom with ensuite? Who you choose both to design and execute the work will depend on the nature and extent of the renovations. Don’t be bashful about asking to see other spaces the designer has designed or homes that the builder has remodeled! Ask about their work-style and don’t be afraid to ask for references so
you can talk to other homeowners about their experiences.

If you decide to stay instead of moving, because you’re convinced your current home can also be your forever home, don’t settle, especially for things that matter to you! If mixed metals in the kitchen is important to you, say so! If shiplap on the wall is an essential feature for you, say so! And above all, if there are colors or styles you absolutely despise – SAY SO! Even the best designer cannot read your mind, so conveying in simple language that pink is not your color or wallpaper is not for you, is essential if the finished product is to become a home that moves and delights you, as it should!

Sometimes you come to realize that home is as much about the neighborhood you love, the friends you’ve made, the community you’ve built and the schools you’ve supported as it is the bricks-and-mortar or the address you call home. If that sense of “place” tugs at your heart and makes you think “we should stay” – don’t dismiss the feeling. Consider the potential joys of staying and transforming your current home into one you’ll love for years and years to come!

Our custom cabinetry will give your kitchen a whole new personality!
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You’re glad the work is finally underway and you’re past the stress of picking out your colors, your finishes and your appliances. You know your home is going to look amazing, and soon, so why are you so stressed out?

Take the stress out of your home remodeling by working with the experts. Contact us today at 952-564-9118 for a free consultation!

The answer is very simple – construction crews are in your house, there is debris everywhere, you can’t find any of your every-day go-to cooking tools and if you have to take the kids out for fast food one
more time this week you’ll scream! On top of that, you agreed to just “live with it” rather than add the expense of staying somewhere else while the remodeling is underway. Yes, remodeling is stressful!
So what can you do about it? Three things come to mind. . .

  1. Ask for what you need! What would make you feel better about all this work going on in your house? Do you need the construction crew to keep an eye on the dog so he doesn’t slip out when they come and go? Do you need your kids to keep their outdoor clothes in the bins you’ve labeled for them? Do you need the builders to confine their activities to the floor under construction and not use the upstairs bathroom when you are home? What are the rules that will make you more comfortable? Ask for what you need!
  2. Build in some intentional stress relievers like excursions to local parks, play-dates for the kids (at the other family’s home!) time at the dog park. Do what you can to be away from the source of your stress – your house, being turned upside-down – and recognize that time away, doing something you know you (and the family) will enjoy, is a healthy choice to make.
  3. Breathe! Whether it is late at night and you’re stewing about whether your crew will meet the deadline or stressing about whether the wallpaper, when it arrives, will really match the paint color you picked for the crown molding – BREATHE! And do so in an intentional way – deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth and slightly longer on the exhale than the inhale. We don’t breathe like this often enough, but it is particularly effective when we need to

You can get through this. You’ll need a plan, a lot of patience, and a few relaxation tools that can go a
long way toward helping you see the end result as a goal worth waiting for!

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There are three keys to hosting the dinner party everyone dreams of attending. You know, that party that makes you feel special, just because you were invited! The party that gives you something to talk
about well into the New Year and leaves you musing about what you can do to assure you’ll be invited again next holiday season!

That party could be YOURS!

Impress guests at your next dinner party by remodeling your kitchen! Contact one of our experts today at (952) 564-9118 and receive 40% off cabinetry!

Dinner parties are best when they tell a story. . . It doesn’t have to be a complex story, but it should introduce your guests to something you’ve experienced or grown to appreciate. Here are just a few ideas:

  • An enchanted island party, reminiscent of your vacation in Hawaii.
  • The foods of Provence, introducing friends to your memories of the Mediterranean.
  • Southern Specialties, that bring the tastes of New Orleans to your dining table. What’s the story you want to tell? Maybe it is about a trip you’ve taken, or maybe just dreamed of taking. Maybe it is about the time you met the love of your life and shared street tacos. It is the personal story that enriches the party itself. It can set the tone for the food, the invitations, the decorations and even the music you choose to entertain your guests.
  • Dinner party guests are happiest when they feel you’re excited to see them. . .so be sure to send out invitations with a personal note to those you know well. Any small, even sentimental statement you can make about why you’re looking forward to seeing them, will make the anticipation of your party heightened with excitement! If it is a party you host every year, and you can share a flattering photo of the guest, tucking one into the invitation could make them choose YOUR party over all their other invitations! Let them know that what makes the day special is not the event, but their presence at your table!
  • Dinner party food is at its best when it can be made ahead of time allowing the host and hostess to enjoy their own event and the guests they’ve invited! You deserve to enjoy your own event!

That’s easiest done when you’re not rushing around with last-minute chores to complete. Make a list and consider what can be done a day or two ahead of the party – planning out the buffet table, trimming the candles so they’re easy to light, penning the place-cards – none of these need to be done on the day of your big event, get them done well ahead of time! Give yourself time to dress, relax and simply drink in your own anticipation of the party, without being rushed or hurried in the moments leading up to that first door-bell ring.

The very best parties leave us feeling so glad we were there – appreciative of the friends we saw, or maybe made in the moment, grateful for the wonderful tastes, the pleasant and intriguing conversations and the memorable bit of exotic spice hidden in the cookies served with the after-dinner coffee. You don’t need to WOW your guests with over-the-top spending. Amaze them with an abundance of welcome, a house full of joy and a meal overflowing with gratitude!

What better way to prepare for all future dinner parties and gatherings than by renovating the heart of the home? Contact one of our kitchen remodeling experts today at (952) 564-9118 to start planning your dream space!

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A modern aesthetic is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners, reflected in most home lifestyle magazines, just take a look at our favorite Architectural Digest.

You don’t need to purchase a new home to achieve this look. We’ve put together some tips for your kitchen.

Contact one of our kitchen remodeling experts at 952-564-9118 for a free consultation!

1. Appliances

Stainless steel is the future, and old appliances are the wrinkles of any kitchen. Upgrading appliances like the stove, dishwasher, microwave, ect. will upgrade the home. We carry the latest brands at the lowest prices, which you can check out here!

2. Color

Adding a “pop” color to a wall will add some creativity and a touch of youth to the room. An all white space can be a little dull, so consider a bright hue to show that fun is welcomed in your home!

3. Simplicity

Less can be more, and a modern home is all about a simple aesthetic. Modern space is all about keeping spaces open and clean.

4. Decor

It’s time to throw out the cookie jar and, perhaps, the other decorative items that give away the years of a space, unless you want a more traditional look. Decor is a great way to change the look of a space without having to invest too much. Consider abstract art, transparent vases, a statement piece of furniture, ect.

5. Cabinetry

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the cabinetry is the blood that pumps the blood throughout the room! Investing in your cabinetry will create a completely new room and, ultimately, add value to your home. Browse through all the different styles available here!

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One amazing thing about the holidays, especially Christmas, is that we remember the details of our decorations, even from childhood, year after year. Most of us recall some special ornament that has had a place of honor in our family home over the years – the candlesticks that always go up on the mantle, the centerpiece that always adorns the table or maybe the angel that consistently sits atop the tree!

Contact one of our remodeling experts at (952) 564-9118 to welcome the holidays with a new home!

It doesn’t matter if our decorations are home-made or store-bought, it is the sentiment they carry for us that makes them special. Building your own collection of holiday ornaments is an essential joy of celebrating the holidays. Whether your style goes more toward the rustic, home-made look of a cabin Christmas or the polished and sparkly glamor of New Year’s eve, you can add to it every year and grow it into a collection of memories all your own! Families especially enjoy building those memories with ornaments special to the arrival of each child or other hallmarks of the family’s growth and change.

Holiday decorations don’t need to be costly, although they certainly can be. Investing in things that last can make your holiday budget stretch not only over the season, but over the years. A quality artificial tree can save you time and money each year you use it, assuming you’re willing to forego the smell and feel of a live tree. There are plenty of ways to make your home smell of Christmas by using fresh branches as a centerpiece on your table or mantlepiece above your fireplace or simply lighting candles
that waft the aroma of fir or cedar, rich baking spices or freshly baked apples. A host of choices await your selection to personalize the look and feel of your home.

One key to keeping the holidays beautiful year to year is investing in the storage tools that allow you to put everything away safely at the end of the season. A wrath box will keep that lavish door decoration fresh and shapely for years to come. The cartons with individual compartments for your most fragile ornaments will keep them from tumbling together and loosing their sparkle, not to mention keeping them whole. Your most delicate treasures deserve to be put away with care so they can be unpacked with amazing joy and anticipation for many years to come.

Things to buy new every year – fresh goods that simply won’t keep after the holiday season has passed. These include fresh candles, live goods like fresh garland, pinecones and living holly or mistletoe – these things are best discarded when the season is done so you don’t discover they’ve molded or attracted rodents to your otherwise safe, holiday stash.

Enjoy your holidays in beauty and safety by investing in new, undamaged holiday lights and check the plugs of anything electric before you put it away so that in your haste next year, you don’t put your home or your family at risk for a completely preventable fire! The National Fire Protection Association reminds us that on average nearly 1 in 50 fires that begin with a Christmas tree result in death and holiday lighting accounts for nearly 45% of Christmas tree fires! Keep your candles clear of materials
that burn (like trees, branches, paper goods) and turn off your power sources whenever you’re not in the space where the Christmas tree is lit! Let’s keep the holidays safe and warm for years and years to

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When you look at your home’s furnishings, are you failing to see the designer look you’ve longed for? Most of us find ourselves with a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs, a collection of favorite family pieces, a few bad mistakes we made in our twenties and couch that’s both so comfortable and so outdated, we just don’t know what to do with it!

So, how do you make your furnishings compliment your home, work with the character of the house and create a sense of “wholeness” in the finished product you call home? Here are three strategies you can use to pull a finished look together that reflects the look you love and the treasures you possess.

 Consider One Consistent Color – even if your older furniture is of different woods (like oak, teak, walnut), and perhaps of various styles (like French Provincial, Early American, Mid-century Modern), painting mis-matched pieces a consistent color can make them more compatible
when they have to share a space. Your eye will be drawn to the (new) similarity they share – their color – rather than to the differences that set each piece apart!

 Gather some Groupings – as you look around your rooms, see how your furnishings can be set up in small, but conversational, groupings. Two chairs and a well-selected table, a hall-console and a big ornate mirror, two loveseats separated by an area rug – while not everything in the
room needs to “match” the items in the grouping can complement each other. Your eye will notice each grouping as its own little “whole” and feel the welcoming that the larger space provides because of it!

 Find a Theme You Love – this can be as simple as selecting a favorite fabric that pulls your room together! You might reupholster a favorite old sofa and buy enough extra fabric to make matching throw-pillows for the chairs in the corner, or enough yardage for a runner on the dining table – creating a sense of cohesiveness without making things to “matchy-matchy”!

And when you look around your home, you’ll want to notice the cabinetry and finishes that give the house its warmth and character. What makes YOUR home stand out? Maybe it is crown molding or cabinets with original glass doors. Perhaps it is open shelving where you can display your special collection or the wall of built-in cabinets that not only make your big TV the perfect centerpiece but also conceal all the toys your kids want to play with every day. Capitalize on exactly what makes YOUR home special and, when you can, carry that theme throughout the space.

Maybe you can recreate that crown molding you love in the bedroom in the living room as well. Or, enlarge the look of plain windows with richer, wider woodwork that accentuates the whole wall. And finally, consider matching all the built-in cabinets throughout the home, in kitchen and baths, for that finished, pulled-together and well-planned space of your dreams!

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Looking to move to Minnesota?

Many of us got here (Minnesota) because our jobs brought us here, or perhaps it was a family member’s
work. Some of us came for college, and just stayed. Others may have been drawn by the economy or the consistently solid healthcare outcomes. Whatever it is that brings you our way, If you’re thinking of relocating to the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, here are four great neighborhoods to consider. . .

Eden Prairie – several years in a row, named in the Top Places to Live in the nation, not just in the state, Eden Prairie is a place that offers a strategic mix of great employment prospects, natural beauty and a great school system which yields a well-educated workforce. This community is about to get the latest light-rail project taking commuters directly into and out of
the big city. Already it boasts a local transportation system that takes citizens from place to place within the community for a mere $4 per ride. With trails for walking, biking and in the winter, snow-shoeing as well as cross-country skiing, the recreational opportunities in great outdoors of Eden Prairie are truly great!

Eagan – Southeast of Minneapolis, resting along the upper Mississippi River Valley Eagan lies just 20 miles west of the Wisconsin border. Now the training home of the Minnesota Vikings (their TCO training facility was completed in Eagan in 2018), it has become a destination all its
own. Situated just south of the Mall of America (in Bloomington), Eagan boasts its own outlet mall that attracts plenty of shoppers looking for brand-name bargains. Known for the many corporate landmarks that dot the landscape (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Thomas Reuters, Ecolab, Delta Airlines to name a few) Eagan’s unemployment is consistently low while real estate prices have been consistently rising. Neighborhoods incorporate parks and green space making this beautiful suburb a year-round playground for its 66-thousand plus residents.

Lakeville – with a standard of living nearly 30% above the rest of the nation, Lakeville offers both growth and stability. A great place to live and work, Lakeville finds itself a decidedly white-collar community. The city’s great school district is supported by a significant population of college-educated adult tax-payers who provide an environment conducive to young peoples’ academic success. A large portion of Lakeville’s citizens own their own, single-family homes; these neighborhoods provide safe areas for children to play offer recreation for the whole community. It is a suburban oasis known for safety, security, low crime levels and welcoming neighborhoods.

Woodbury – Situated east of the Mississippi and west of the St. Croix rivers, Woodbury is perfectly located for those who want scenery and wildlife mixed with luxurious suburban landscapes and accessible shopping. Woodbury’s roughly 70 thousand residents enjoy a city with appreciably has less poverty and unemployment than nearly any other comparable U.S. city. With a well-educated population (nearly 60% college-educated) Woodbury boasts low unemployment and great economic resiliency. It is also a young city with the average age of residents at 36.6 years; this adds to the productivity and potential for growth in its community-focused neighborhoods. Whatever brings you here, be sure to check out these wonderful cities that offer their citizens outstanding housing, growing value and community-friendly neighborhoods ready to welcome you and your family.

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Besides investing in cabinetry and storage space, maintaining your home organize with a peaceful ambiance requires actively practicing some productive techniques.

These tips will ensure that your home is always ready for a surprise guests.

Contact one of our experts at +1 952-564-9118 for a free kitchen or bathroom remodeling consultation!

1. Eliminate It

Do you really need this? One of the most difficult questions to answer, because we don’t always like the answer. Truth is, it’s easy to form sentimental attachments to belongings that only take up space. A clean home will bring you more peace of mind than that decorative moose gifted by an ex.

2. Management

So you have only kept what you need or can’t imagine / refuse to live without. Now it’s time to sustain it. Categorizing spaces and allocating appropriate spaces to store what you don’t necessarily use often is key. Put what you use everyday in lower shelves and, maybe, the more decorative or miscellaneous objects on the ones higher to reach, for example.

3. Practicing Organization

Practice makes perfect. It might be instinct now to throw the keys on wherever they land or clothes on the floor. “I will pick it up later,” mentality should be changed to “Let me put it away now, so I don’t have to see it later.”

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The celebration has started early.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is offering 40% off our semi-custom cabinetry all through November.

To show our clients how thankful we are for their continued trust, this promotion is valid for all orders placed within November.

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Receive a free stainless steel sink with the purchase of a countertop!

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When searching for the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen in Minnesota, research is essential in order to make the right choice for your home.

Each material comes with different pros and cons, including costs, finishes, styles, durability, ect. We’ve broken down four trendy kitchen cabinet materials popular today.

But if you want to go over everything available, call one of our remodeling experts for a free kitchen or bath consultation at (952) 564-9118

1. Maple

Distinguished by its straight, tight grain, it is one of the leading materials for cabinetry in Minneapolis and across the States. It can be infused into both a traditional and contemporary residential design, and its durability makes it perfect for a household with children. Our famous MCC custom cabinets offer maple is a variety of options.

Our custom cabinetry will give your kitchen a whole new personality!

2. Oak

Relatively less expensive than maple, Oak cabinetry is still strong and durable. It offers a more coarse and natural texture, therefore typically preferred by homeowners looking for a more relaxed-looking alternative to other design styles.

3. Cherry

The classy material from your cabinetry options, Cherry is popular for its smooth, elegant appearance. It ages well just like wine, and is still durable for the wear-and-tear that comes from daily use. It will polish off your kitchen with a more serious tone.

4. Alder

A more affordable choice for remodeling on a tighter budget, Alder has gained popularity. Though lesser quality than previous options, it can be stained to resemble cherry, mahogany or walnut. It’s an excellent choice to keep cost lower but still sustain enough quality for daily use.

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