When Daylight Savings Time ends, most people will go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark. That means any sunshine will occur while we’re stuck inside. Ugh!

We know that eventually the seasons will change, days will get longer again, and we’ll be enriched with vitamin D from the sun. Whether it’s in the middle of winter or the height of summer, it’s wonderful to have a space in your home that will let the sunshine in!

Two-season, three-season, and even four-season porches have been extremely popular projects in both new construction and remodels. Between these porches and sunrooms, why not make them the brightest and most cheerful and uplifting rooms in your home?

At Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice – MCC, we’ve designed and built from the most modest sunroom to the most elaborate four-season porch. We’ll help you capture the sunlight and create a living space that lifts everyone’s spirits. We have the largest selections of paints, flooring, cabinets, hardware, lighting…everything you need to pick up your mood whether in a cold Minnesota January or a beautiful Minnesota spring. And, we probably needn’t remind you that we can do it more affordably than our competition!

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As you plan your sunroom/porch/in-home retreat, plan to make it the most comfortable room in the house. We install in-floor heating, floor-to-ceiling windows to capture natural light, cooling systems, you name it. But natural light always seems to be a key to everyone’s wants and desires, so an appropriate window plan is critical. Let us help you create the window configuration exactly as your mind sees it. Let’s create views. Then let’s do everything else your mind sees: let’s move walls, let’s create warmth, let’s create cool, let’s put in the greatest floor, and while we’re on that topic, have you heard of LifeGuard carpet? Life saver! For a room that will see a lot of traffic, you simply must consider this stain proof, kid proof, pet proof option. Let’s add wonderful cabinetry – whether it’s MCC’s very own semi-custom cabinetry or one of our other great brands. Let’s make this everyone’s favorite room!

It’s important to mention, you can do all sorts of terrific things with a room like this; We’ve even made health and wellness rooms for people…fitness areas, yoga studios, steam rooms, saunas, you name it. We’ve also created the opposite end of the spectrum, where people simply want a relaxation room…a healing, sun-filled sanctuary. We’re not suggesting which direction you should go; we’ll make it amazing no matter what you decide, and no detail will go unnoticed. From the carpet on your floor to the hardware on your doors, Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC, should be your one stop shop for your dream porch.

From concept to reality, there’s no better partner in your project than Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC.