It’s easy, isn’t it? Picking a color for the baby’s room ought to be simple – why isn’t it today?  Well, first because it isn’t as straight-forward as pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Today, we’re cautious about all those stereotyping rules of yesteryear.  

Today, modern couples may not even WANT to know the gender of their child until the birth. And, given what we know about gender-fluidity (yeah, I know, grandmothers are supposed to hate that word, but I’m a grandma and I totally get it!) narrowing your own choices the binary few, might be a less enlightened choice than you’d expect.

So what that means is, of course, the whole color palate is yours to choose from.  You can choose absolutely any color and have it work for your child but, there are some practicalities you may want to think about as you narrow it down. Consider these potential realities. . .

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  • The size of your nursery may help you focus your options – a small room might look more expansive with a softer, lighter color filling the walls.
  • A larger than life space can be made more intimate with deeper, richer colors – and if the ceiling seems too high, consider a horizontal split with a deeper shade of your color choice on the upper third of the walls.
  • An old house with a somewhat-less-than-smooth wall might be less noticeably imperfect by turning that wall into an accent wall with deliberate texture or pattern.
  • A color that will look less “baby-like” and keep you from having to repaint when the baby goes to kindergarten and wants to feel like a “big kid” would steer you away from the traditional pastels into the more standard, crayon-primary colors.
  • And, don’t forget, WHITE is good too (which of course comes in dozens of hues itself) because you can add color accents as the child grows that can change as the child’s personality emerges!

Color is powerful.  It can shape a space and transform a room.  It can reflect the sun and reflect a personality. It can alter your mood, speak to your senses and even brighten a rainy day.  But above all, if you’ve accomplished this transformation with paint, you can re-think your choices anytime and if you wish to, choose again!