The remodeling bug has bit and you’re ready to add some serious upgrades to your home but, where to start? Here are several ideas that can add not only to the livability of your space, making HOME your favorite place to be, but also to the value of your home, increasing your ultimate return on the

Add luxury to your bathroom(s) – Even if your home has only one bath, making that space feel luxurious and spa-like can transform a necessary room into a tranquil resting space. Color can do a lot but so can texture. If your space is small, a uniform color from floor to ceiling can help it look and feel larger. Luxurious materials, especially in small spaces, can enhance the sense of beauty and expansiveness. Cabinetry that offers storage as well as counter space around the vanity can transform a morning of chaos into a welcomed ritual for starting your day.

Upgrade your cabinetry and appliances – This is especially true in a kitchen where over the years, mis-matched replacements have taken over the space. A cohesive look, consistent color and gradeto your whole suite of appliances can turn an otherwise chaotic look into one of sleek, modern design. You can tailor your appliances down to the details of the knobs and handles if you like to make it distinctively your own. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, nothing strengthens the heart like a well-selected suite of fresh, functional appliances to serve your every culinar need.

The kitchen being the heart of the home, it means cabinetry is just as important. Cabinets are fundamental for the aesthetic, design and function of the space, and you will want to make sure to choose the color and material perfect for your dream home.

Make your flooring flawless – If every room has different flooring, your home may feel and look like a patch-work quilt. Choosing one consistent material to use throughout the home, or at least consistently on one level, can allow the eye to see the space in a new way – bigger, more spacious, clear of the distractions that different colors and textures create. Whether it is carpeting or hardwood, laminate or vinyl products, the consistent line of one product throughout can magnify even the most confining floor-plan and realign your décor for both warmth and whimsy.

Un-do what’s most “dated” – It could be the shiny brass chandelier that came with the house when you bought it, or the mis-matched doorknobs that distract the eye, but whatever is that’s keeping your house anchored in an earlier century, that is where your replacement dollars should go. Replacing (or simply removing) a ceiling fan or adding some recessed lighting can modernize almost any room. Updating fireplace fixtures, replacing a mantle or fire-box surround can brighten the focal point of your living space.

These updates invite you into the present moment and surround you with a sense of modern luxury. Each of these changes, even if you pick just one, can add to the overall lasting value of your home.
Whether you’re making the upgrade purely for your own enjoyment or to increase the potential re-sale value of your home, these ideas can offer you the satisfaction that you’ve chosen wisely and added eye-